Sunday, 23 June 2019


It's amazing how busy life can be with a toddler.. and I apparently suck and keep it up to date with everything.. and juggling everything, which I'm sure most mum's can understand.. in between play dates, outing and visiting family I spend a lot of time tidying up after my little cyclone..It doesn't leave much room for anything else, but I will try to add a few more posts about what we've been up to

Saturday, 25 August 2018

painting the front door

I bought some paint on clearance at bunnings.. I had no idea what colour it was (I didn't think to look at the lid which had a nice splotch) and it ended up being this really lovely grey colour.. and there's one colour I really like and its grey :D

first job was to patch up the glass so I didn't paint it..

and I didn't realise that if you put the fold of the newspaper against the glass you don't have to fight it trying to open up as you stick it on..

when I first started painting I thought there wasn't much difference between the original colour to the new painted colour.. so I just slapped it on

but later I could see the few little bits that I had missed

so it made it easier to see where I had missed to go back and touch it up..

who doesn't love a good bargain and a miss tint :) and I loved it so much that I went back and bought more :D and am in the process of painting my veggie patch boxes to match :D

and this is the finished product :D

Thursday, 23 August 2018

paddington and charlie

Paddington has landed in Australia :D after travelling around Europe and he's already getting up to mischief :D playing with little miss's blocks

Charlie the camel met Paddington in Dubai and decided to come to Australia :) and here he is having a ride on our micky rocker behind a baby :D hehe

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

budget chicken pizza

cooking on a budget can be tricky but who doesn't love pizza.. and this whole pizza cost me $3.15 :D

how did I do it? I found a pizza base in the supermarket on special for 50 cents :D added some chicken tenders that I bought in a pack.. but chopped them up so they went further, added some mini bocconcini that was also on special.. I had a sad looking spring onion in the fridge so chopped it up and added some cheese on top

hubby was away the day I made the pizza so it ended up lasting for 2 meals so it ended up costing about $1.60 per meal :D and it tasted so yummy

Sunday, 19 August 2018

bread and butter pudding

I don't normally buy brioche bread but found this lovely looking loaf for half price.. and what better recipe to use than bread and butter pudding :D I used this recipe as a guide but used strawberry jam and I didn't have any cream so just used milk

I think I was most impressed that I remembered to butter my bread ;) hehe

strawberry jam :D yum

add it to the dish.. but don't forget to grease you dish (like I did oops hehe)

then add the custard mixture.. and I let the bread soak up the mixture

I did leave it in for a little too long and the top got a little crispier than I would've liked.. but it still tasted pretty good with a bit of vanilla ice cream :D and best of all is hubby isn't too keen on bread and butter pudding so I didn't have to share :D

Friday, 17 August 2018

garden veggie pasta

I have been trying to cook nutritious meals on a bit more of a budget.. and for dinner was what I'm calling garden veggie pasta..
onion and garlic fried up in the fry pan and then I added a tin of tomatoes and a tablespoon of tomato paste, some celery, corn kernels, carrot, zucchini and some ham.. I let all that cook up nicely and cooked some spiral pasta

and then I mixed the 2 together

and then put a little cheese on top before enjoying :D

total cost was about $5 for dinner for 3 as well a few freezer dinners for little miss :) I always love to put a little away of something that she likes for lunches :D

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Jumpers for Lambs :D

There has been heaps of coverage (here is Australia) about the crippling drought our farmers are currently facing. Huge amounts of money is being raised and donated to farmers really struggling to feed their animals. The wonderful Supa IGA at Yass collected food donations to send to the farmers.  The best part was they matched every donation that was made :D

Other organisations like buy a bale give you to option to donate a bale of hay, some petrol, food hampers or water supplies to farmers in need.

And then there are the ladies all over Australia knitting, crocheting and sewing up a storm for a bunch of lambs they will never get to meet.  Jumpers for Lambs have brought together a community of people knowing that a small gesture of kindness can make all the difference to these farmers. 

Unfortunately in times of drought, lambs are more likely to be abandoned by their mums and there has been a higher incidence of twins and that alone can increase the chance of a lamb being abandoned.. these little lambs, if they are to have a chance, need to be fed and kept warm.. these little jumpers are keeping these little lambs alive.. they are helping farmers make a living and putting food on our table..

I'm not the greatest knitter but I can sew so I've been hard at work making lambs jumpers.. this is the pattern that the facebook page recommended.. it is such a quick and easy pattern to follow and I can make one in about 20 minutes from start to finish.. I bought some blankets from St Vinnies (also supporting our farmers) and cut them up to make the blankets.. I got 26 of the pink blanket, and 17 of the navy tartan :D as you need 2 pieces per jumper this made 17 pink and navy tartan jumpers..

I did work hard to get as many out of each blanket

Cutting out the pattern
All cut out :) I found it quicker to cut a whole bunch out in one go
This is the pink blanket 
Then I pinned them all together
The first part is stitching around the outside leaving a gap to turn inside out 
I had a pin the remind me not to get too carried away
Then I turned them inside out and stitched around them again
Making sure I folded over the opening to stitch it closed 

Next is the velcro

I only once had to unlock Velcro forgetting which side it needed to be on :'D hehe
After that I made sure I checked so I didn't make the mistake again
And just like that it was done 
This was my first batch that I dropped off.. but then I started wondering if they might need an extension piece.. thinking that the knitted or crocheted ones will have some give but mine won't 

The best part was I used the entire pink blanket even though it had an edge on it.. Once they were cut it was a few seconds to unlock the edge

These are the extension pieces that I made with the scraps of fabric
The next batch that I dropped off

I did test out the extension piece and was happy that it would give extra use out of them
When I dropped off the next batch I got some fabric from the crafty frog as they are the drop off point in Canberra and so wonderful to give me the fabric for free
So of course I got to work cutting them out
This was the next batch

It was much quicker to make them all at the same time

And I even managed to make one with the new fabric :)

This is the latest batch that I have dropped off.. I have 9 more cut out ready to sew and will finish them when I can. The next few months are lambibg season and the support from the community has been wonderful.. all the organisation's having fundraisers for our farmers, I even heard of a lovely lady in usa who sent over some lambs jumpers that she knitted.. I hope that rain will come but in the mean time it's so wonderful to see the Aussie spirit get behind the backbone of our country :)