Sunday, 29 July 2012

Chicken Pie

when I pulled some chicken out of the freezer today I had no idea what I was going to cook for dinner.. after some umming and ahhing and my hubby suggesting butter chicken I finally settled on chicken pie....
its something that I have to say that I love...

I cut up 2 chicken thighs and any vegetables I could find in the fridge.... after browning the onions and garlic I added the chicken and browned them... then I added the rest of the vegetables and a small amount of chicken stock and a big scoop of cream cheese (I always use the low fat version) and mix it altogether and if the mixture isnt thick enough I make up a cornflour slurrey (as my hubby calls it) and add it to the mixture....

then its just as easy as blind baking some puff pastry adding the filling and top layer of pastry and letting it cook until it is golden brown....


Thursday, 26 July 2012

Tissue Attack

now being an adult and having to wash for myself for a number of years I have never had an explosion of tissue through my washing because well I pull things out of my pockets before putting them in the wash to avoid the whole situation.... now my husband is 31 years old (6 years older than me) so he's been around for a lot longer than I have I think that he's old enough to empty his pockets before putting his clothes in the wash.... and just in case your wondering no I dont pick clothes up off the floor if they're in the hamper then I wash them if they're on the floor they dont get wash (a mean wife I know but I need to set boundries and boy do I stick to them :p)

hubby has different ideas.. he thinks that who ever does the washing should check the pockets... if I didnt know any better I would almost think he was a little bit of a mummy's boy (but I know that he's not... not that it would be a problem if he was)

since we have been together for 3 and a half years I have had a few tissue explosions during this time... I have also at times been known to return full washed tissues for my husband to use again and I have used them as warning for him not to leave things in his pockets.... we have moved around to a few places I have moved 7 times since leaving home and hubby and I together have moved 4 times... since living in our current house we have had 2 tissue explosions already...

today is offically our third tissue explosion and worst of all I had washed my work clothes with hubby's clothes... so not only is every piece of washing covered in tissue but our carpet/rug is completely covered as well....

now I can forgive my hubby just a little bit because he has man flu (and its a serious case of man flu he's been in bed all day)

I hate tissue exposions just a little more than I hate man flu because no matter how hard I brush the tissue off it never seems to come completely off and the carpet/rug well I'll be vaccuming it up for weeks

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Children's Closet Dividers

I know I dont have any kids but I had seen these cute little closet dividers and thought I would give them a go... I had some blank door hangers and painted them a neutral colour... so I picked a nice brown (and I know theres not lots of nice browns but I thought it was a nice colour anyways)

I then mixed up a very light brown and used a cotton tip to paint little spots all over and I used these stamps

to stamp different clothing sizes on each of the hangers... so this is what I ended up with

I then used a clear gloss spray to spray each one of them

and then added a little bit of lace with my hot glue gun and this is the end product:

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Morning

so this morning (it was still technically morning when I woke up) and pretty much the whole of today was planned to be a lazy day... I love lazy days but it was slightly disturbed when my husband announces that he's sick.... I hate when my husband gets sick mainly because he acts like hes dying when in reality hes just got a cold (and is quite able to play wii or play on his computer with no troubles) but being that I'm a nurse he thinks he gets special attention when he's sick.... the trouble is if I point out that the people I look after at work are a hell of a lot sicker than he is then I'm a terrible nurse/wife for not looking after him.... its a catch 22 so I usually leave him be and give him a snuggle if he asks for it but as a general rule I dont pander to his every whim (otherwise he will expect it every time hes even a little bit sick)

so anyways I planned to have a lovely sunday morning with a cup of caramel black tea and reading the newspaper (something that I dont often do) I bought saturdays paper and left it out ready for me to read... its old news by the time its printed it wouldnt hurt to leave it for an extra day... anyways I set myself up on the floor and make a nice cup of tea in my cute little pink teapot

I love it... well anyways the whole point of this is that I made myslef a nice little breakfast and a cup of tea and sat down to read the paper and I couldnt really enjoy it like I was planning to now that my husband was "sick"

but in the end I drank my tea and read my paper just as I planned

Pizza Toast

Yum theres nothing more than warm toast on a cold day and considering today is so cold I thought I'd make some for lunch.... I always associate toast with breakfast although sometimes I have toast for dinner or with soup.... and for lunch I felt like something a bit more savory.... so instead I made pizza toast....

simple and make very quickly... I toasted my bread and while that was toasting I cut some cheese and turned on the grill to start warming up... once my toast was out of the toaster I pasted on some tomato paste and put on the sliced cheese then added my pizza toppings (ham and pineapple a classic)

whacked it in the griller and waited for the cheese to melt...

what a perfect lunch :)

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sewing Stuffed Lamb Part 2

So after not being satisfied with my first attempt at sewing a stuffed lamb I search the web for a pattern and finally came up with on I liked... (not that there were many to choose from)
So I diligently sewed the second lamb by hand and I decided that it would be a good idea to make the lamb fluffy and polka spotty (and I didnt take photos as I went so I only have the end product sorry)

so this is what the second one looks like:

yes I did painstakingly sew each little fluffy pom pom on by hand... and I mad? well the answer to that is yes.... no one would do that if they weren't a little mad....

anyways I made him little felt ears and put little pom poms on his head... and little googly eyes and of course a sheep isn't a sheep without glasses :)

heheheh I'm so proud of how he turned out... he is exactly what I wanted for my dad... but I was a little sad when my husband said that my first lamb looks ugly when he's sat next to my second lamb :(

but anyways thats my little lambs

Sewing a Stuffed Lamb

my dad bought a farm a few weeks back.... he's never had a farm but when he was growing up he had a farm that he visited.... well anyways dad was talking about having animals on the farm and he said when he was traveling he saw a polka dot sheep and thats what kind of sheep he wants... well anyways I was at a material shop and came across this beautiful material
so anyways I made my own pattern and hand sewed the sheep and I can tell you it took a long time to sew... and when I say a long time it was probably more like a couple of hours but it felt like a long time (and if my husband would let me buy a sewing maching *hint hint nudge nudge* it woudl have taken a lot less time) well anyways this is what I ended up with

I thought he looked quite sweet with his little button eyes and love heart button nose and my husband seemed quite taken with him after I finished him

but my problem was that he wasnt polka spotty like I wanted.....

Rainbow Berry Mess

I was in the mood for making meringues but I felt like a bit of a twist on the ordinary dessert... so after making meringues and custard and berry coulis I decided to mix them all together.... the first layer I made was a raspberry jelly and I put in a some berries before putting the glasses in the fridge to set...

 and then I crushed the meringues

so then I layered crushed meringure on top of the set jelly and then custard

and then berry coulis

 and repeat


I should also mention that its best eating on the day you make it otherwise the merigue doesnt stay nice and crunchy :)

Homemade Apple Sauce

as kids we loved when Mum cooked pork because it always meant that we would have apple sauce... and if there was any left over after dinner we would have it on icecream or eat it straight out of the jar (yes its sad to admit but I just did so I cant take it back :p)

well now that I'm all grown up and I'm the one cooking when ever we have pork (which isn't all that often) I always forget to buy apple sauce... well my clever husband told me just to make my own... of course I looked at him as if he was speaking another language before listening to what he said and making my own...

it is very simple... I used a tin of pie apple a sprinkle of brown sugar and a sprinkle of cinnamon... I chucked them all in a saucepan and cooked them over a medium heat... being that I used tinned pie apple it didnt need long but if you used fresh apples they would need to be cooked for longer...

then I used my barmix to puree the apples and then I put it in the fridge to cook while I cooked dinner



Thursday, 19 July 2012

Homemade Custard

the one thing I hate about making meringue is the wasted egg yolks... so I often make custard to use up the egg yolks because the recipe uses up the left over egg yolks.... I add the egg yolks milk and a few table spoons of cornflour and whisk over a medium - hot heat until thick and creamy... then I take it off the heat and add a few tablespoons of sugar and mix....
I usually have a quick taste to see if its sweet enough and add a bit more sugar if needed...

the one important thing about this recipe and all things custard is it can very easily stick to the bottom and get burnt so its important to whisk the entire time even in the beginning when it feels like it is nice and smooth and runny... but the custard will thicken up quickly and thats the most important time to be whisking because it can burn

and if your not going to use the custard straight away I always put glad wrap over it and push it down against the custard so it doesnt form a skin

Berry Coulis

I  made a berry coulis today to go with another recipe..... I put raspberries and strawberries in a saucepan and added a sprinkle of sugar...

 cooked for a few minutes until the berries felt nice and soft... then I used my barmix to blend them up until they were nice smooth

and thats pretty much it

oh and just be cause about berries on benches because this is what happened to my bench

 but a little gumption will get it off in no time


I love making meringue and its always so simple.... I started with 4 egg white

and whisk until stiff peaks... I always whisk for a bit longer than soft peaks because I want the meringues to be sitting up nicely...


then I add sugar and this is one of those recipes where I cant tell you exactly how much I put in because I taste to tell how much I need... the meringue mixture will have a glossy look to it as well, which is also how I can tell if the right amount of sugar has been added...

then into the oven at a very low temperature (I found this very hard to do with a gas oven, but electric ovens are much easier) I usually have it on 100- 120 degrees

and then I leave them for an hour or two until they are completly cooked and then I leave them in the oven for another hour or two so they're nice a crispy