Thursday, 19 July 2012


I love making meringue and its always so simple.... I started with 4 egg white

and whisk until stiff peaks... I always whisk for a bit longer than soft peaks because I want the meringues to be sitting up nicely...


then I add sugar and this is one of those recipes where I cant tell you exactly how much I put in because I taste to tell how much I need... the meringue mixture will have a glossy look to it as well, which is also how I can tell if the right amount of sugar has been added...

then into the oven at a very low temperature (I found this very hard to do with a gas oven, but electric ovens are much easier) I usually have it on 100- 120 degrees

and then I leave them for an hour or two until they are completly cooked and then I leave them in the oven for another hour or two so they're nice a crispy

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