Sunday, 15 July 2012

Savory Mince Pie

there's something about the bright blue sky that makes me feel like I should be in the kitchen.  and for lunch today I decided to make a savory mince pie... for something different..

I started with 250g - 500g of mince
1 onion
half a zuchini
1 carrot
couple of mushrooms
tin of tomatoes
a splash of red wine
powdered gravey mix
powdered beef stock 
premade puff pastry

onion, oil and garlic and cook for a while.... add the mince and brown... then I added the vegetables chopped up and the tin of tomatoes... then I added a splash of red wine and mixed a couple of teaspoons of each of the gravey mix and beef stock in a mug with some water then added to the pan... I let it cook for a little while and blind baked puff pastry in the oven.... when I was ready I decided the mix wasnt thick enough so I made a cornflour slurry and added that to the pan to thicken it up... I then added the meat mixture to the pastry and put another layer of pastry over the top and put it back in the oven....

the end result

if your lucky enough not having a husband asking "is it a pie yet?" it probably makes it easier :P

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