Saturday, 21 July 2012

Sewing Stuffed Lamb Part 2

So after not being satisfied with my first attempt at sewing a stuffed lamb I search the web for a pattern and finally came up with on I liked... (not that there were many to choose from)
So I diligently sewed the second lamb by hand and I decided that it would be a good idea to make the lamb fluffy and polka spotty (and I didnt take photos as I went so I only have the end product sorry)

so this is what the second one looks like:

yes I did painstakingly sew each little fluffy pom pom on by hand... and I mad? well the answer to that is yes.... no one would do that if they weren't a little mad....

anyways I made him little felt ears and put little pom poms on his head... and little googly eyes and of course a sheep isn't a sheep without glasses :)

heheheh I'm so proud of how he turned out... he is exactly what I wanted for my dad... but I was a little sad when my husband said that my first lamb looks ugly when he's sat next to my second lamb :(

but anyways thats my little lambs

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