Sunday, 22 July 2012

Sunday Morning

so this morning (it was still technically morning when I woke up) and pretty much the whole of today was planned to be a lazy day... I love lazy days but it was slightly disturbed when my husband announces that he's sick.... I hate when my husband gets sick mainly because he acts like hes dying when in reality hes just got a cold (and is quite able to play wii or play on his computer with no troubles) but being that I'm a nurse he thinks he gets special attention when he's sick.... the trouble is if I point out that the people I look after at work are a hell of a lot sicker than he is then I'm a terrible nurse/wife for not looking after him.... its a catch 22 so I usually leave him be and give him a snuggle if he asks for it but as a general rule I dont pander to his every whim (otherwise he will expect it every time hes even a little bit sick)

so anyways I planned to have a lovely sunday morning with a cup of caramel black tea and reading the newspaper (something that I dont often do) I bought saturdays paper and left it out ready for me to read... its old news by the time its printed it wouldnt hurt to leave it for an extra day... anyways I set myself up on the floor and make a nice cup of tea in my cute little pink teapot

I love it... well anyways the whole point of this is that I made myslef a nice little breakfast and a cup of tea and sat down to read the paper and I couldnt really enjoy it like I was planning to now that my husband was "sick"

but in the end I drank my tea and read my paper just as I planned

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