Wednesday, 29 August 2012

1 Pants to 2

so I started with a pair of old cargo pants that I dont wear any more... and I felt like it was a bit of a waste to throw them away... so instead I decided to chop them up....

 first I cut the pieces out for some pants
 and I also cut out some lining in black material
 I sewed the lining and the cargo material together... the hem and both sides (not the crotch)
 then I sewed the waist band at each end
 I didnt take pictures of the next step.... I turned each pant leg in the right way and sewed the crotch before added the waist band and threading the elastic in...
and I ended up with:
the only thing left to do is add come snap fasteners to the legs
  I then just repeated the process and ended up with 2 pairs of pants... on the smaller pair I put a little pocket on one side and I added a button to the front of each pair of pants...
there you have it... 2 pairs of pants from 1 old pair of pants that didnt get worn

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Strangely Enough...

I'm wide awake.... here it is 6:30 in the morning and I cant go back to sleep... on the plus side I did get some pretty amazing pictures of the sunrise which I'll post a bit later.... for the record I'm never awake this early.... I might even have an early breakfast :)

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Blue Crossover Top

Again I have been surfing the blogs and came across a pattern I was dying to test out... the only thing is the pattern was for a 6 month old but I wanted to keep everything to newborn sized at the moment so I shrank the pattern a little and ended up with a really cute little top:

the next thing I need to do is find a cute picture of a blue flower to iron on the the front.... :D I love this!!!!!!

I'm definiately having more fun than I thought I would

Blue Bloomers

So today I had plenty of time to play around with more of the blue checked material (because I did get a couple of metres) and I had come across this website that had the cutest looking bloomers that I thought I would give them a go and this is what they turned out as:

I have to say I'm pretty impressed

Snips and Snails and Puppy Dogs Tails....

So today I've had fun putting together a boys newborn set and I think its pretty cute.. when I came across this material I knew it would be fun to play with and of course I made matching bibs which I found here...


the last thing I want to do is print out another dump truck to iron onto the plain blue bib because I found out that you dont put a hot iron over a transfer :P the top i made exactly the same as the pink one that I made earlier..

and I thought it would be pretty cute to put a dump truck on the pocket...

 I thought it looked pretty cute as a set... what do you think???

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Pretty in Pink

I was quite excited about finding some beautiful material (which was a bit on the expensive side) but I just couldnt help myself... what I saw it I knew that I would need something else to match so I picked out some plain pale pink fabric... so all up I've made a little skirt, a long sleeved shirt, shoes and 2 matching bibs (all newborn sized)

I used snap fasteners around the neck of the top and the flower thats on the front of the top and the bib I used iron on transfer paper and ironed them on... thats also how I make my labels, print them out and iron them on but I'll put up a separate post about that later.... the shoes arent quite finished yet I'm thinking of putting another flower iron on transfer on them to match... I'm pretty proud of my first attempt next project is going to be a complete boys outfit :)

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Baby Bib

yes it's true... I have no children but have to admit I'm a little bit clucky at the moment but unfortunately for me babies have to wait until we build our house (which will be a bit longer)... but just because I dont have any children yet doesnt mean I cant sew baby stuff right???

well while I was shopping for fabric I came across this adorable fabric and I had to have it... it was a little more expensive than I hoped but bought it anyway because it was so cute...

while surfing the web I came across this website... and thought I would give it a go...

and I have to admit I'm pretty happy with the end result... my first attempt wasnt the best but I was still pretty impressed at how easy it was... I used striped chenille as the backing because I couldnt find any terry towling...

 this was my first practice bib... and you cant see it in the picture but the material I used here I call lamby lamb material because it looks like a sheep (and because I made a lamb out of it)
 This bib matches an outfit that I've made
 and so does this one (plus I absolutely love this material)

Pants Take 1

so I decided to try sewing a pair of pants a few days ago.... and again I decided to do a test pair... funnily enough it was lucky I did because I sewed the waist band on the wrong way :P hehe.... I was tempted to unpick it and resew them but I wanted to show them to my sister before I did... :P

the moral of my story is that before I use my pretty (and expensive) material I do a practice on some cheaper material so if I stuff it up (and I know I probably will) its not so bad :)

this its the outside of the pants
 and this is the inside :) ops hehe

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

My First Attempt of Sewing

 I was so excited when I got home from fabric shopping I almost couldnt contain myself.... so for my first attempt I decided I would make a diaper clutch.... I had stumbled across a few websites but this one was the one I chose... the instructions were really easy to follow and it wasnt long before I had whipped up my very own diaper clutch....

As you can see I need a bit more practice with you know... sewing in a straight line... but for my first attempt I'm pretty proud of myself :)

I ended up making a second one (same colours as the first) and it turned out better than the first.... yay me!!! I cant wait to show my sister and start my next project

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Thank You Technology

after 3 hours on skype with my sister, I now know how to use Mum's sewing machine :).... before tonight I had never used skype and I have to admit that I am 100% sold on skype... I love it... it was the best way to learn how to use Mum's sewing machine (and for the record the reason it took so long and my hubby had to step in to try and rethread again was because the stitch was set on the wrong setting)
I am so excited now to start some of the sewing projects that I have been hording over the past couple of months and dying to use...yay!!!! first thing tomorrow morning I'm going fabric shopping!!!!


Borrowing Mum's Sewing Machine

I am so excited.. Mum said I could borrow her sewing machine :D, my hubby wants to see if I'll use it before he buys one for me for christmas :D I am sooooo excited :D

so tonight I'm having a tutorial from my sister (so I dont stuff Mum's machine up) and tomorrow I'm going to buy material for my first ever project (well technically its my second because I amde a quilt when I was young, but more like my first sewing project on my own) :D

can you smell the excitment in the air??? I can :D

Sunday, 5 August 2012

rainbow coasters

I had some blank flower shaped coasters and I was wondering what to do with them... 

we haven't really decided 100% what our new house with be colour wise (or type wise for that matter) and I kind of wanted to do something a littel bit different... we have some beautiful gold coloured place mats that my sister bought us and I absoloutely love them but I knew I would never be able to get them the exact same colour and so I settled on a rainbow of colours being that I couldnt pick one colour....

so I decided that I would use cotton tips to add the different colours and merrily mixed different shades of each colour and began by adding one colour at a time with little dots all over...
So in the end my green one looked like this:

my orange one looked like this:
the yellow one looked like this:

the blue one looked like this:
the purple one looked like this:

and the red one looked like this: 

sorry about some of the blurry photos but you get the picture....

so I then cut out in corresponding colour felt for each of them and hot glue them to the bottom and trimmed the excess felt.. and sprayed the final product with a clear gloss spray and there you have it... 6 individual coasters