Wednesday, 29 August 2012

1 Pants to 2

so I started with a pair of old cargo pants that I dont wear any more... and I felt like it was a bit of a waste to throw them away... so instead I decided to chop them up....

 first I cut the pieces out for some pants
 and I also cut out some lining in black material
 I sewed the lining and the cargo material together... the hem and both sides (not the crotch)
 then I sewed the waist band at each end
 I didnt take pictures of the next step.... I turned each pant leg in the right way and sewed the crotch before added the waist band and threading the elastic in...
and I ended up with:
the only thing left to do is add come snap fasteners to the legs
  I then just repeated the process and ended up with 2 pairs of pants... on the smaller pair I put a little pocket on one side and I added a button to the front of each pair of pants...
there you have it... 2 pairs of pants from 1 old pair of pants that didnt get worn

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