Sunday, 5 August 2012

rainbow coasters

I had some blank flower shaped coasters and I was wondering what to do with them... 

we haven't really decided 100% what our new house with be colour wise (or type wise for that matter) and I kind of wanted to do something a littel bit different... we have some beautiful gold coloured place mats that my sister bought us and I absoloutely love them but I knew I would never be able to get them the exact same colour and so I settled on a rainbow of colours being that I couldnt pick one colour....

so I decided that I would use cotton tips to add the different colours and merrily mixed different shades of each colour and began by adding one colour at a time with little dots all over...
So in the end my green one looked like this:

my orange one looked like this:
the yellow one looked like this:

the blue one looked like this:
the purple one looked like this:

and the red one looked like this: 

sorry about some of the blurry photos but you get the picture....

so I then cut out in corresponding colour felt for each of them and hot glue them to the bottom and trimmed the excess felt.. and sprayed the final product with a clear gloss spray and there you have it... 6 individual coasters

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