Sunday, 30 September 2012

Burglar Alarm

we have been collecting egg cartons for my dad ever since he bought a farm that had chickens.. my hubby thinking he was so funny made a burglar alarm before coming to bed

 I countered with :

got to love it :) he still makes me laugh after almost 4 years :) I hope it keeps going :)

Baby Boy 3/4 Pants

I'm sooooooo excited... I decided to make a pair of pants and a matching shirt for my new nephew :) and I loved making baby clothes (its soooooo much fun)

so heres the pants... instead of full length pants I decided to make them more 3/4 length because he is due in january so it will still be warm.... the material I used was one that I had picked out to make something for him but I just wasnt sure what

so I cut out 2 of each pant leg in the plain and print fabric and the waist band in plain fabric

I started by pinning right sides together and sewing along the top and both sides of the leg and bottom leaving a gap on both sides to flip in the right way

and then trimming excess fabric
for the waist band - right sides together and sew at each ends and trim excess material

so then I turned the pant legs in the right way and pressed before putting print side together and sewing down one leg leaving about an inch at the bottom
that way I can turn the bottom up
 then I pinned at sewed both legs together and added the waist band
 I am sooooo pleased with how they turned out :D

the only thing I have to do is add a label on them :P

I cant wait to give them to my SIL and see what she thinks

Full Moon

I'm very glad I wasnt working last night.... full moons in nursing is a very bad sign and considering I had a pretty rough shift on friday I can only imagine what last night would've been like


I love sunsets :)

Saturday, 29 September 2012

View From Our Bedroom

I love this view.. it makes me love the fact that we moved down here :)

Kids Face Wipes

I came across this idea and thought it was a really good idea so I took about an hour and knocked some up for myself :)

when I first saw the material I had no idea what I was going to do with it and it was perfect for this :)

Door Silencer

I came across this really cute idea and I thought it would be good to add to my growing present for my sister in law only problem being that I didnt have anything in blue or neutral colours so I made a tester using the fabric that I had....

and of all things I break my very first needle and after a 5 min emergency call to my sister (and nephew because we always have a quick chat when I call) and new needle in place I'm ready to keep on sewing

so this is what it looks like in the end

Healthy Strawberry Mousse

so since my mangoes are busy ripening I decided to make strawberry mousse instead its so easy and its healthy too....

strawberrys were on special so this week so I got 4 punnets of strawberries

so I put about a cup of boiling water and mix the contents of a whole packet of strawberry jelly crystals and mixed until dissolved.... put it in the fridge to cool but not set (very important part)

then in the blender blend until smooth cooled jelly liquid, strawberries and about a cup of natural yoghurt (not vanilla.. the plain stuff)

put in the fridge to set for a few hours and enjoy

Best Thing About Summer

is mangoes..... my favourite fruit... I love them soooooo much!!!!!

the only trouble is when its beginning of the season mangoes are expensive and a few days ago they were $3 each

now I just have to wait for them to ripen and I can make mango mousse


Eye Mask Dilemma

so I fixed my old eye mask because the elastic broke (probably from over use) so I just sewed the elastic back on...

the trouble I have is I find I sleep better when I have the mask on but sometimes hubby wants it because I keep him up watching something and hes really to sleep... so I thought how hard could it be to make another one?

so I traced the eye mask onto a piece of paper

then I cut out a piece of pink felt

and a piece of pink fabric

and a piece of black fabric

I cut them all a little bigger than my original template to give me some space 

I assembled them so it went from top to bottom black fabric pink fabric pink felt

I then carefully placed the elastic inbetween and stitched all the way around the edges making sure to back stitch a few times were the elastic was to make sure it was held in place securely.. I did leave a a small opening in the top to turn it in the right way then I top stitched around it to keep it all in place and give it extra security with holding the elastic in place....

and I thought it looked a little plain

and I admit its not perfect but not bad for a first attempt

I found a cute picture of eyes and ironed them on

I cant wait to use it tonight

Glass Bowls

I found these cute little bowls in kmart the other day for only $1 each and I couldnt resist but to get some and as it turns out it was such a good idea and I've used them so much over the past few days I think I might buy some more next time I go into town

Roast Pumpkin Salad

this is one of my most favourite salads and I dont like many salads

I usually use half a butternut pumpkin and cut it into small squares... and pop in a roasting tin in the oven until cooked then let it cool...

then I usually add silvered almonds and lettuce as well as a salad dressing toss and your done its really just that simple....

I have made alternatives to this salad which didnt include the almonds.. instead I cut up some cucumber and half an avocardo added a salad dressing and toss...

the best part is its so simple and easy to knock up and it tastes good too