Sunday, 30 September 2012

Baby Boy 3/4 Pants

I'm sooooooo excited... I decided to make a pair of pants and a matching shirt for my new nephew :) and I loved making baby clothes (its soooooo much fun)

so heres the pants... instead of full length pants I decided to make them more 3/4 length because he is due in january so it will still be warm.... the material I used was one that I had picked out to make something for him but I just wasnt sure what

so I cut out 2 of each pant leg in the plain and print fabric and the waist band in plain fabric

I started by pinning right sides together and sewing along the top and both sides of the leg and bottom leaving a gap on both sides to flip in the right way

and then trimming excess fabric
for the waist band - right sides together and sew at each ends and trim excess material

so then I turned the pant legs in the right way and pressed before putting print side together and sewing down one leg leaving about an inch at the bottom
that way I can turn the bottom up
 then I pinned at sewed both legs together and added the waist band
 I am sooooo pleased with how they turned out :D

the only thing I have to do is add a label on them :P

I cant wait to give them to my SIL and see what she thinks

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