Saturday, 29 September 2012

Eye Mask Dilemma

so I fixed my old eye mask because the elastic broke (probably from over use) so I just sewed the elastic back on...

the trouble I have is I find I sleep better when I have the mask on but sometimes hubby wants it because I keep him up watching something and hes really to sleep... so I thought how hard could it be to make another one?

so I traced the eye mask onto a piece of paper

then I cut out a piece of pink felt

and a piece of pink fabric

and a piece of black fabric

I cut them all a little bigger than my original template to give me some space 

I assembled them so it went from top to bottom black fabric pink fabric pink felt

I then carefully placed the elastic inbetween and stitched all the way around the edges making sure to back stitch a few times were the elastic was to make sure it was held in place securely.. I did leave a a small opening in the top to turn it in the right way then I top stitched around it to keep it all in place and give it extra security with holding the elastic in place....

and I thought it looked a little plain

and I admit its not perfect but not bad for a first attempt

I found a cute picture of eyes and ironed them on

I cant wait to use it tonight

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