Thursday, 13 September 2012

My First Skirt

I found this beautiful material when shopping with my sister

 and I knew I was going to make a skirt with it and being that it was a little bit expensive I only go half a metre (or 19.5 inches) and it was the perfect length....

I cut some white cotton and folded it in half length ways so I didnt have to hem the white fabric... the printed fabric I hemmed... I made a small belt and made an elastic waist (to be more comfortable for me because my weight tends to flucuate)

I sewed the little belt so the it was attached at the front of the skirt but not at the back so I could tighten it or loosen it depending on my size at the time

I love this skirt :)

I have worn it every day since I made it :) I love it sooooo much.... it was so simple to make next thing I need is a matching top

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