Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Nappy Stacker

yes I know I dont have any babies but I just love making baby clothes and all things baby (hubby says it makes more even more clucky then when I see and hold babies) and I saw this cute material when shopping with my sister

they had it in blue as well

and being that nephew number 7 is due in January I thought it would be a great gift for my sister in law

so I decided it would be perfect for making a nappy stacker :)

first I cut out all the pieces (measurements are below)

TOP                                                         A =32cm x 16cm (Cut 2) I did this in print fabric
MIDDLE STRIP                                     B =10cm x 55cm (Cut 2) I did this in print fabric
BOTTOM                                                C =32cm x 23cm (Cut 1) I did this in plain fabric
SIDES                                                     D =55cm x 47cm (Cut 2) I did this in plain fabric

first I put the 2 D pieces right side together and stitched down the long side and then I trimmed the excess material and ironed the entire thing

then I folded both B separately and ironed them so wrong sides were together and pinned them to the long side so the opening of B is facing to the right for the left hand side and to the left on the right hand side (if that makes sense)

I did it this way so after its sewed and trimmed the excess material you iron the material so the seam is on the inside

with C I ironed and hemmed the front side

then I added the bottom to the main piece... I lined up the back of the material  of the main piece with C and pinned all the way around leaving a gap at the front and making sure that the side that was hemmed was to the front on the main piece

so with A... I turned it so right sides were together and sewed up the short side on both side and at the top I sewed across the top leaving about a 4cm gap in the top for where the coathanger will go though to hang up

then I trim excess material except for where the gap is in the top for the coathanger
I turn it right side out and iron

then I pinned the top to the main piece... adding pleats where needed and making sure everything is even

and at the front I over lapped the 2 middle strips

finally I shapped a wire coathanger into a rectangle and put it up into the top..

 so this is what it looks like:

 I added a small blue teddy button which I think is sooo adorable

 and tied a little ribbon around the top

and this is what the pink one looks like

someone has to have a girl at some point

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