Saturday, 29 September 2012

Romantic Dinner

a few days ago my hubby and I were both home for dinner... which usually happens a couple of time in the week but not every night and he decided to have chicken kababs for dinner and we could finally use our bbq again.... we got our bbq for an engagement pressie from my mum and step dad and it was really the best pressie ever but for the year we were in bowral we couldnt use it because the place was way to small and we didnt have any cover plus who wants to bbq in miserable rain like we seemed to have most of the year we were there....
so since we have been down here for 9 months it was about time to crack it open and use it

so I made chicken kababs with capsicum mushroom and onion... I always love to make pretty patterns when making kababs.... I also made potato salad (which is my favourite recipe which is my hubbys) and my other favourite roast pumpkin salad....

so because hubby went to work in the morning I fussed around and decided that because it was such a nice day we would have dinner on the top balcony.. we get the best view ever

I love it

we anyways I set up one of our camping tables and this is what it all looked like:

and of course ryder and mrs ryder were there too

I explain more about them another time

but it was very romantic and it was nice to eat dinner and watch the sunset

and of course hubby put in a request for dessert as well... mint crisp chocolate mousse

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