Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Withdrawals :(

Its official... Mum needed her sewing machine back so she could sew christmas stockings for all the grandkids.... and I have to admit it was alot of fun going material shopping with Mum.... :) an ahour and a half latter we emerged from spotlight :P... talk about a good bit of Mother Daughter bonding time... but since she needs it for the christmas stockings I am back to no sewing machine :(

I always thought I had missed the sewing gene in my family... my Grandma and Nanna have both sewed for a long time (my Grandma since she was a teenager), my Mum has been sewing for over 20 years and used to sew clothes for us when we were children and my sister has been sewing since she was a child..... I was taught to sew but never really took much interest well until about 3-4 months ago

anyways hopefully my tax check will arrive soon so I can order my own sewing machine... Grandmas going to have a look this week to see if the one I've picked out is any good... its funny she said the same thing that my hubby said about testing out on an old sewing machine to see if I definately want a sewing machine... I want a sewing machine!!!!!

I think my hubby thought I'd have a play for a week and then get bored but I have heaps of projects that I'm half way through or that I want to do and these past couple of days not having a sewing machine to play with is making me feel bored

all my projects that I'm half way through aren't on any timeline which makes it easier... all the baby stuff for my new nephew has been finished so I'm glad about that but my next project that I want to start is my christmas tree skirt :) I borrowed Mum's christmas tree skirt that Grandma made to make a pattern and I cant wait to put together the cute materials that I picked out.... my hubby might not be as keen on it considering its going to be pink and purple :D to match my christmas decorations but oh well

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Monster Bibs

Yes I am still sewing for the invisable baby (as my husband calls him).. my SIL has 2 older sons both in primary school now so shes pretty much starting from scratch again.... I found this website and saw how cute the bibs were....

so of course I had to try it out myself... how could I not? :p

shopping for the fabric was only half the fun and cutting out the eyes and teeth I have to admit was very time consuming but the end product made it sooooo worthwhile

so this is what they ended up looking like:

I am beyong pleased with how they turned out :D

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Matching Bib and shoes

Of course no outfit it complete until it has a matching bib and shoes so of course I had to do it

 I love that beautiful ribbon it is so soft and perfect :)

and no outfit is complete without a dummy clip (or pacifier clip)

:) I'm so proud of myself 

a complete outfit for my new little nephew thats due in january...

Matching Shirt With Collar

after searching and searching I finally came across the cutest little button up shirt I've ever seen... I decided to give it a shot to match the 3/4 pants I had already whipped up....

I bought some cute little iron on transfers that matched the fabric

I decided to put the little monkey on the front and I'm still deciding which one to put on the back of the shirt and one on the matching bib :)
and instead of putting buttons on the front I decided to put snap fasteners because I havent figured out how to do buttons and button holes yet :P hehe

Sewing Withdrawals

My father in law came to visit for a week and that meant that my pink room as we call it had to be packed up and I had to put the sewing machine away :( I lasted for about 5 days before I pulled the sewing machine out and set it up downstairs :P hehe

I love sewing and I cant wait to get my own machine.... dont get me wrong Mum's machine is great but it will be nice to have my own :D

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Magic Cleaning Tip #1

ever had the problem where you are dying your hair at home and of course its bright red and a big drop falls on the floor in the bathroom... logic laws meant that of course it dropped on the white grout and no amount of scrubbing would get it off....

well I found a cleaning tip online about using bicarb soda and dipping a toothbrush in water before dipping in the bicarb soda and scrubbing the grout in the shower to get rid of mould...

well guess what...

it works on getting hair dye out of grout as well

:D yay for the magic of bicarb soda and good old fashioned elbow grease

Spring Clean

Wow I cant believe its almost 1pm... I've done a good 3 hours of spring cleaning and the house looks perfect :) my FIL is coming to visit so I thought I would do a spring clean ( and the house definately needed it)

and there are a few things that I've decided that I dont want for when we build our house

1 I dont want a two story house
dragging my vaccum cleaner up and down the stairs is not fun... its awkward and heavy (but I love it so there is no way I would swap it for another vaccum cleaner)

2 I dont want white or cream carpet
I hate having to have rugs downstairs to protect the carpet and everything shows up on the carpet I'm sure things show up on darker carpet but if we spill water on this carpet... it marks.... I hate it


3 I cant wait to get a bigger kitchen
I love that this kitchen is bigger than the last one we had but our cupboards are overflowing and I can never get them organised the way I like them (I'm blaming hubby here because he just shoves things anywhere when he unpacks the dishwasher)

the lucky last thing I have to do is unpack and repack the dishwasher.... 

yay me the super cleaning woman!!!!!