Thursday, 4 October 2012

Spring Clean

Wow I cant believe its almost 1pm... I've done a good 3 hours of spring cleaning and the house looks perfect :) my FIL is coming to visit so I thought I would do a spring clean ( and the house definately needed it)

and there are a few things that I've decided that I dont want for when we build our house

1 I dont want a two story house
dragging my vaccum cleaner up and down the stairs is not fun... its awkward and heavy (but I love it so there is no way I would swap it for another vaccum cleaner)

2 I dont want white or cream carpet
I hate having to have rugs downstairs to protect the carpet and everything shows up on the carpet I'm sure things show up on darker carpet but if we spill water on this carpet... it marks.... I hate it


3 I cant wait to get a bigger kitchen
I love that this kitchen is bigger than the last one we had but our cupboards are overflowing and I can never get them organised the way I like them (I'm blaming hubby here because he just shoves things anywhere when he unpacks the dishwasher)

the lucky last thing I have to do is unpack and repack the dishwasher.... 

yay me the super cleaning woman!!!!!

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