Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Withdrawals :(

Its official... Mum needed her sewing machine back so she could sew christmas stockings for all the grandkids.... and I have to admit it was alot of fun going material shopping with Mum.... :) an ahour and a half latter we emerged from spotlight :P... talk about a good bit of Mother Daughter bonding time... but since she needs it for the christmas stockings I am back to no sewing machine :(

I always thought I had missed the sewing gene in my family... my Grandma and Nanna have both sewed for a long time (my Grandma since she was a teenager), my Mum has been sewing for over 20 years and used to sew clothes for us when we were children and my sister has been sewing since she was a child..... I was taught to sew but never really took much interest well until about 3-4 months ago

anyways hopefully my tax check will arrive soon so I can order my own sewing machine... Grandmas going to have a look this week to see if the one I've picked out is any good... its funny she said the same thing that my hubby said about testing out on an old sewing machine to see if I definately want a sewing machine... I want a sewing machine!!!!!

I think my hubby thought I'd have a play for a week and then get bored but I have heaps of projects that I'm half way through or that I want to do and these past couple of days not having a sewing machine to play with is making me feel bored

all my projects that I'm half way through aren't on any timeline which makes it easier... all the baby stuff for my new nephew has been finished so I'm glad about that but my next project that I want to start is my christmas tree skirt :) I borrowed Mum's christmas tree skirt that Grandma made to make a pattern and I cant wait to put together the cute materials that I picked out.... my hubby might not be as keen on it considering its going to be pink and purple :D to match my christmas decorations but oh well

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