Monday, 26 November 2012

Egg Cartons

after collecting for the past couple of months for my dad hes coming today to visit so he'll get to take them all


and they are gone.... 36 egg cartons gone and I get to start again :)

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Door Silencer Packet

I decided that I would make the door silencers look a little better and so my sister in law knows what to do with them I decided to put them in little packets

New Shoes

Now I'm not a shoes girl... not at all.... I prefer handbags.... I drool over handbags I never drool over shoes... shoes are just for getting from A to B.... yeah I like cute shoes but I dont like high heels.... I find them uncomfortable and look like an idiot when I try and walk in them... which is why I hardly ever wear them...

but yesterday I went to Target and I found these really cute shoes

they had them in different colours but the white one would go with everything... see the blue flowers well that is the mose comfortable padding ever and the white material (I have no idea what it is) but it is so soft almost like its already been worn in

I love the flowers on top

and look and see how cute they look on :)

they are the cutest and most comfortable shoes I have bought and I cant wait to wear them tonight with my new dress

it doesnt look like much but on its so cute and makes me feel like a million bucks :)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Door Silencer Take 2

The very last thing I've made for my nephew-to-be is door silencers

I only made 2 because I'm not sure if she'll even know what to do with them but I thought they looked pretty darn cute :)

now I just have to wrap everything up so I can give it to her next weekend when they come down to visit...

Shirt Take 2

after looking at the shirt I made for my nephew-to-be I decided to make it again.... I'm a little bit of a perfectionist  and the first one wasn't quite up to scratch....
I have to admit it was easier second time round and I think it turned out even better than the first one...

see I was so sure it was better than the first that I put the iron on trnasfer on the back... and yes before you even think it I know its creased I've got to fray stoppa it and pop it through the wash and then I'll iron it again and properly thins time...

I even put the iron on transfer on the bib

which I think looks really cute :) what do you think????

I'm Very Proud

of myself.... three days in a row I ran on my sisters treadmill :D I was sooooo proud of myself first day 30 mins second days 33 mins and third day 45 mins and yes on the third day I was tempted to call it quits after 20 mins but knew that I would never hear the end of it from my sister if I did :P

nothing like a little sisterly motivation :)

tomorrow I'm going to go for a walk today I spent sewing getting a little distracted and didnt get a chance to go for a walk but there is always tomorrow :)

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Shock Horror....

yes thats right so since my last exercise session I haven't been motivated at all to do specific exercise.... housework counts... well kind of but since being up at my sisters for work 2... yes thats right you read it correctly thats 2 nights in a row I've been on my sisters treadmill and done the easiest setting :P hehe last night I slept pretty well (especially considering the night before I woke up every hour or two) so tonight I think I will be sleeping pretty well again....

night all and tomorrow I'm determined to do it all again

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Patches

while watching Mum making christmas stockings for all the grandkids my hubby got the idea that he wanted to have a patch on his stocking for every christmas we had been together and for me to make a new one every year after..... after a little bit of searching on the internet I have a bunch of different christmas outlines and felt to play with..... so after a bit of thinking I picked out 4 different pictures and cut and sewed and glued them altogether..... it also took a bit work trying to figure out how to sew the year on each of them but in the end I got there so here they are:

they are a little hard to see but I stitched the year on different parts of them the only thing I need to add is a star to the christmas tree and a ribbon to the top of the present.... I'm very impressed with how they turned out... now I just have to wait until hubby brings the christmas stuff back from his Dad's house and I can attached them to hubby's stocking :)

Christmas Tree Skirt

 I love how beautiful my Christmas Tree Skirt turned out :) I cant wait to put it under the Christmas tree :) and I even have some material left over to play with :)

Friday, 9 November 2012

That Magic Number

I've never had great success with my weight over the years... I have all sort of diets and I always manage to gain the weight again so then of course I give up and go back to eating ever I feel like and get bigger than I was before I started the diet until that magic number creeps up again and it stares at me from the scales and it motivates me to start again....

well I'm at the point were I'm thinking.. screw dieting I love food but at the same time I want to be a bit healthier... we have been eating alot better the past few weeks having more salads and more friut well this morning I woke up and decided today was as good as any to start

200 skips with the skipping rope
10 push ups 
40 sit ups
and a healthy breakfast of friut salad and yoghurt

yum... and it doesnt sound like much but its a start

lets just see how tomorrow pans out as well

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Christmas Fabric

Going shopping with Mum is a bad idea... well actually its a really good idea but the only problem is I spend a bit of money and she is a very bad influence :P heheh

this is the beautiful fabric that I've picked out for my christmas tree skirt (and just in case you jump to comclusions a christmas tree skirt is a skirt for the bottom of the christmas tree to hide the prongs)

I love them they are soooo cute and going to make a very cute christmas tree skirt

I Have the BEST Husband in the World

Yes you read that correctly... my husband is officially the best husband in the world.... why you ask? well not only did he buy me a sewing machine (and let me spend 1 and a half times what we had originally agreed on) but he didnt complain once while we spent over 2 and a half hours in spotlight and he said and I quote "Get what ever you need"

yes I was quite surprised to hear him utter those last few words... but being the good wife I am I didnt take advantage of the situations... I only got what was absolutely necessary..

so here it is THE sewing machine

it has a one step button hole (which I havent tested out just yet), 70 different stitches (which I have tested out a few), automatic needle threader, and to make it even better.... I dont even need to have a foot pedal

this is the best button I have ever hear of.... it starts and stops the needle without having to have the foot pedal attached... and I actually havent attached the foot pedal because using the button is just so easy.....

I love my new sewing machine :D best present EVER!!!!!!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Excellent News :D

After waiting for 2 whole weeks I finally got the news that I had been waiting for :D I got a new job :D I'm going to be a theatre nurse :D I'm so excited

and to make it even better I get my hubby is going to get my sewing machine for me (still waiting on my tax check) so I'm going to get my sewing machine earlier than before :D yay I have the best husband in the world :D

most of this probably doesnt make sense but I cant help how excited I am :D