Thursday, 15 November 2012

Christmas Patches

while watching Mum making christmas stockings for all the grandkids my hubby got the idea that he wanted to have a patch on his stocking for every christmas we had been together and for me to make a new one every year after..... after a little bit of searching on the internet I have a bunch of different christmas outlines and felt to play with..... so after a bit of thinking I picked out 4 different pictures and cut and sewed and glued them altogether..... it also took a bit work trying to figure out how to sew the year on each of them but in the end I got there so here they are:

they are a little hard to see but I stitched the year on different parts of them the only thing I need to add is a star to the christmas tree and a ribbon to the top of the present.... I'm very impressed with how they turned out... now I just have to wait until hubby brings the christmas stuff back from his Dad's house and I can attached them to hubby's stocking :)

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