Thursday, 8 November 2012

I Have the BEST Husband in the World

Yes you read that correctly... my husband is officially the best husband in the world.... why you ask? well not only did he buy me a sewing machine (and let me spend 1 and a half times what we had originally agreed on) but he didnt complain once while we spent over 2 and a half hours in spotlight and he said and I quote "Get what ever you need"

yes I was quite surprised to hear him utter those last few words... but being the good wife I am I didnt take advantage of the situations... I only got what was absolutely necessary..

so here it is THE sewing machine

it has a one step button hole (which I havent tested out just yet), 70 different stitches (which I have tested out a few), automatic needle threader, and to make it even better.... I dont even need to have a foot pedal

this is the best button I have ever hear of.... it starts and stops the needle without having to have the foot pedal attached... and I actually havent attached the foot pedal because using the button is just so easy.....

I love my new sewing machine :D best present EVER!!!!!!

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