Sunday, 25 November 2012

New Shoes

Now I'm not a shoes girl... not at all.... I prefer handbags.... I drool over handbags I never drool over shoes... shoes are just for getting from A to B.... yeah I like cute shoes but I dont like high heels.... I find them uncomfortable and look like an idiot when I try and walk in them... which is why I hardly ever wear them...

but yesterday I went to Target and I found these really cute shoes

they had them in different colours but the white one would go with everything... see the blue flowers well that is the mose comfortable padding ever and the white material (I have no idea what it is) but it is so soft almost like its already been worn in

I love the flowers on top

and look and see how cute they look on :)

they are the cutest and most comfortable shoes I have bought and I cant wait to wear them tonight with my new dress

it doesnt look like much but on its so cute and makes me feel like a million bucks :)

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