Friday, 9 November 2012

That Magic Number

I've never had great success with my weight over the years... I have all sort of diets and I always manage to gain the weight again so then of course I give up and go back to eating ever I feel like and get bigger than I was before I started the diet until that magic number creeps up again and it stares at me from the scales and it motivates me to start again....

well I'm at the point were I'm thinking.. screw dieting I love food but at the same time I want to be a bit healthier... we have been eating alot better the past few weeks having more salads and more friut well this morning I woke up and decided today was as good as any to start

200 skips with the skipping rope
10 push ups 
40 sit ups
and a healthy breakfast of friut salad and yoghurt

yum... and it doesnt sound like much but its a start

lets just see how tomorrow pans out as well

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