Saturday, December 29, 2012


while away and travelling to see our family for Christmas we encountered a lovely little stall set up on the side of the road (what really happened was I had a nap and woke up and saw a sign that said mangos and asked my hubby to stop)

so for the low price of $10 I got a whole box... how many are in a whoe box you ask... well this box had 32...  so it worked out to be about 30 cents a mango.... I have never paid so little for mangos before in my life :D

so the rest of the way back all I could smell was lovely mangos....

after getting them home I took 4 over to Mum's and made a couple into mango mousse but I still had heaps left over and I didnt want them to get over ripe and have to throw them away... I couldnt bare having to throw away lovely mangos..... so instead I spent about and hour and a half cutting the flesh off almost 20 mangos.... blended them up and then strained them through a strainer.....

all that lovely mango pulp.... I had 2 jugs of it in the end.... so I decided to make mango sorbet...

and little sugar water, mango pulp, a squirt of lemon juice and some greek yohurt mixed altogether and into the freezer for a couple of hours and I had a beautiful dessert and to make it even better my hubby doesnt like it and neither does my father in law so I dont have to share :D

in case you didnt pick up.... I love mangos the best fruit and flavour ever :D I love it so much that I want a mango tree when we build our house

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