Monday, 28 January 2013

Gingerbread Pictures

so you all know that my gingerbread house was a complete disaster... note to self thick ginger bread doesnt work... it makes the hole thing collapse... but it still loked cute before I tried to assemble it

and I'm sure you can see I was taking pictures as I was assembling it... and thats were it ends... I didnt take any pictures of it when it collapsed because it was a little heartbreaking when it broke... but oh well


ages ago I bought a pair of grey boots... they were really cute especially considering my purple ones were ruined when we were in bowral....

and as much as I loved the boots I didnt like how high they went up.... so I decided to cut them off at a more appropriate level and stitch them around the top...

I thought they came our quite nicely and at least now I'll actually wear them


much better 


Pointless Post

yes this is the most pointless post :P but I have to celebrate a little.... this is my 100th post

yay me!!!

I just cant believe that I've managed to post 100 different things and I still have plenty more to write

Christmas Patches

Now my hubby asked me to make patches for his christmas stocking to signify every year we have been together (want to read more you can find it here)

so I finally got around to attaching them to his christmas stocking and they look like this

I was quite proud at how they turned out but I haven't shown him yet.... I think I might wait until I come back next week :)

Baby Blanket I and II

the beautiful pink and white polyfleece with elephants on it was cut into 4 little blankets and adding satin binding to each one... each being a different colour... so the white one is the one I did first....

and yesterday I added the hot pink binding to another section of blanket and it now looks like this:

very cute if I do say so myself

Our Teddies

we have wonderful teddies.... they bring all sorts of presents and notes and things 

so first came Ryder

I gave him to my husband on our first anniversary and at the time my hubby just thought he was a teddy until he realised that he brings presents and then he loved them even more

then came Fluffy

after watching despicable me hubby and I thought it was so funny so hubby found a fluffy unicorn for me and technically her name is misteque but we just call her fluffy

then came Mrs Ryder

I didnt want Ryder to get lonely so I got him a gf... so when Mrs Ryder brings presents they're for me 

then came Snuggleupagus

hubby searched high and low to find him because I always ask my hubby to be a snuggleupagus hehe

and our last addition was this christmas just gone

after my hubby went out camping with some friends he came home with the stories about wombats and they were all calling each other wombat so of course hubby had to have one (along with a wombat mug, calender, fridge magnet, stubbie holder, book mark)

so thats all of them.... now you'll understand a bit more when I mention them by name :)

and yes in case you were wondering we are big kids :)


ekkkkk my order from midwest scrapbook came through.... I have to say I absolutely love them they have sooooo much stuff online that I can buy from the comfort of my couch.... and there were a few things that I ordered that I'm pretty excited about... the most that I'm excited about is the pretty hot pink tulle that I ordered.... and of course what do you make with tulle???

 how cute is it

 and not tutu is complete without a matching headband

 and I'm still in the process of putting together a cute little dummy clip using pink ribbon and clear beads because no tutu for a baby would be complete without everything matching

and of course my next project for the tutu will be some cute little shoes as well as a top and bloomers to match :D

I love it

Wedding Anniversary Presents

so I said I would post pictures of the presents that my hubby got me for our anniversary and I havent had a chance so I thought I should do it

so this is the beautiful candle that hubby bought me and it sits perfectly on the plate the santa (aka me) got me for christmas

 look how pretty it looks when its lit....

 this is the beautiful mug that hubby picked out for me

and no mug is right without the matching plate...

 I had to test them out so of course I had to make some choc chip cookies

 and I had to taste test my beautiful chocolates as well :P

 and these are the hand blown glasses that I picked out for my hubby.... and of course first thing he said was that they were wonky and not the same and I told him that was the point :P

Our Bed

I took a few pictures of our beautiful bed its probably a bit hard to see but you'll get the gist

I love the colour of the bed and its the only piece of furniture that my husband and I have both fallen in love with... all other furniture one of us love and the other is impartial..... but I love the colour and that its a sturdy bed but its beautiful... well I think it is anyways

Very Serious Situation

so after being terribly sun burnt (as you all know) and to get a little relief while sleeping I've been almost bathing in calamine lotion... I will at some stage post a picture of my beautiful bed (which I love soooooo very much) and my MIL bought us a quilt cover that my hubby picked out for christmas a few years ago coloured silver and black.... 

I have to admit I wasnt much of a fan of it in the beginning but its grown on me and I am fairly attached to it now

well I decided that I would match the sheets for our bed and bought a full set of black sheets and a full set of light grey sheets.... hubby didnt particularly like the black sheets but I told him it all matches and looks lovely... we also have the european pillows as well as all our special teddies....

anyways none of that really matters when it comes to the very serious situation I faced earlier this morning

we had black sheets on the bed and obviously the calamine lotion rubbed off onto the sheets and I thought I would be a nice wife and change the sheets before I head off for work this week and I replaced them with the grey set... after nicely tucking the flat sheet in doing my hospital corner as I always do (bad habit of being a nurse) I stood back and inspected my work... and a strange little thought popped into my head...

these sheets could really do with an iron

I know its such a terrible thought and I cant believe that it actually entered my mind but I have to admit that it did enter my mind.... I'm very ashamed that the thought entered my mind but happy to report that I didnt infact iron the sheets.... I left them as crinkled as when I first placed them on the bed....

and with that I offer proof of my teribly crinkled sheets

Saturday, 26 January 2013


you'd think being a nurse and having fair skin I would be smart and wear sunscreen when I'm out in the sun.... well yesterday while waiting for my car to be fixed I decided to  sit by the river and read a book while I waited..... 

well long story short... I sat in the shade for about 5 hours and still managed to get very sun burnt

I was more of a lobster red last night.... this morning I've moved back to a fire engine red.... to make it worse I haven't been sunburned in years... because I was always smart enough to wear my long sleeved thin swim top while at the beach or making sure I'm a bit more covered up.... I thought I'd be safe in the shade...

moral of the story
your not safe in the shade

Friday, 18 January 2013

Hot Weather

if you've seen the news recently (thats if your not in Australia)... but we have been having some pretty hot weather recently with some pretty horrific bushfires.... today got to 44.1 degrees (celcius) in the last hour it has dropped 20 degrees (which is absolutely amazing)...

for all those people in areas where bush fires are burning

stay safe and our thoughts are with you

and to the firefighters thank you for all your sacrafices

fabric shopping.... AGAIN!!!!!!

yes thats right I went shopping again and yes I did buy more fabric... something new and different for me.... I'm sure my hubby is terribly pleased that I've bought more fabric again....

but here they are:

yay fabric.. and yes I know that I posted the owl panels but they were so cute I had to post them again