Sunday, 13 January 2013

365 Days Of Bliss

well technically today is 364 days of bliss...

this time last year I was starting to get a little bit nervous that everything was going to fall into place and work out like it was supposed to.... and I'm pleased to report everything went well there were a few hiccups but nothing that couldnt be fixed and was all fixed...

now I head back to work tomorrow and tomorrow is our actual anniversary but we have already exchanged gifts (yay presents - who doesnt like presents)

so the first anniversary is paper so I had a long and hard think about what to get hubby so I settled on movie gift vouchers, a magazine subscription for a 4 wheel drive and camping magazine, a book that I made and its called 101 reasons why I love you ( and yes I did hand write and think up 101 reasons whyI love my husband) and 2 beautiful champagne flutes (I'll take a picture and up load them later)

my hubby bought me the most delicious chocolates (that had pink wrappers) a beautiful pink flower candle (and I'll take a picture and up load it later too) and the cutest pink mug and matching plate all wrapped up in pretty pink paper :D

hubby was so cute because I said that he didnt give any paper and he said the wrapping paper counts :P hehe I love that he thought of it at least he didnt wrap up the actually wrapping paper like he was going to hehe

hubby is coming up with me tomorrow for work so he said that he was going to take me out for dinner which is about as romantic as my hubby gets :P hehe

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