Friday, 11 January 2013

Christmas Eve Cooking

I know I'm posting alot about christmas and its been and gone but over the christmas new year period I didnt get much of a chance to post so now you just have to deal with me catching up :P

so for christmas day Mum and I had been working out the menu and we had the menus for the couple of days afterwards organised as well so to help Mum out and free up a bit of her time we organised that I would make a few things

I made:
 a huge potato salad (my step dads favourite)
a mango mousse (yum)
wombat salad (otherwise known as a wombok salad)
rum balls (a surprise)
fruit mince pie (surprise)
and I had a hole bunch of stuff for the nibbley patters we would put out every evening...

after carefully cooking everything I loaded them all into the car.. my hubby took the smart move of getting out of my way and just letting me cook.... so after loading everything in I asked my hubby to put something in the car but didnt mention my lovely fruit mince pies balancing precariously on top of the potato salad.... 

I almost cried but then didnt so it was okay... we managed to save most of them so thats all that matters

in the end we had a lovely christmas and days after as well :) did you have a good christmas? any cooking disasters?? (I cant be the only one and the only one to admit it)

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