Friday, 11 January 2013

Hats! Hats! Hats!

very exciting (yes I've moved on from the christmas posts for the moment) but now that I work in the operating theatres I can make hats for work.... eekkkkkkk (if you could see me now I am jumping up and down squealing with excitement)...

yes another sewing project that I couldnt wait to start..... of course I had to wait til I was on holidays (thank you hospital for closing down over christmas and new year) so I could find a pattern and the appropriate fabric to make said hats.... yes I googled it and came up with a bit fat nothing pattern wise they just werent what I was looking for.... so after flipping through heaps of pattern books at spotlight I finally found a pattern  that I thought it was perfect ( I should mention it did require a bit of altering but nothing I couldn't handle)

so then  picked out the material (which you can see in the previous blog here) and as soon as we got home I got sewing.... the first one I made was this one:

which I thought turned out quite well considering this is the first time I've made it... and I got in and made 15 in total... I worked out that if I used a plain material to line it (the pale pink) that I could make 2 hats out of the fabric I had bought

so because the first one I made I didnt use a plain material I only have 1 but look at all my hats:

now did you notice that every single one had elastic in the back ( by the way the elastic is the back of the hat.. I probably should've mentioned that somewhere :P ).... I get the lovely job of unpicking all of that.... the first time I wore them at work (lucky it was only for a short shift) my poor little ears hurt because it was a bit too tight.... so I took the elastic off the 3 hats that I took with me and the next day at work was so much better... so 3 down 12 to go

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