Friday, January 11, 2013

New Years Eve Picnic

I know I know I'm 10 days late but I've been having trouble uploading pictures to blogger the last couple of days but I wanted to post just a couple of pictures of the platters I made up for our New Years Eve Picnic....

so the top green tray is all nibbles, cheese and so on and so forth (you get the idea)

the middle platter is all fruit - rockmelon, watermelon, blueberries, mango, apricot, grapes and cherries

the bottom platter (the space is for the ham off the bone that Mum cut and added when we got there) - so theres meat (salami, ham and pancetta), pizza pinwheels, mini pastry squares and then the green at the back the one on the left is terriaki beef and the one on the right is chicken caesar salad

we had homemade pavlova and chocolate dipped strawberries(which I forgot to take a picture of)

we started with our picnic on the beach (mum, stepdad, me, hubby, sister, her boyfriend, and a couple of good friends) with a little bit of beach cricket which was lovely...

the only thing that ruined it a little bit was the wind... it blew sand all over all my lovely prepared food... so everything stayed covered as much as possible to keep the sand off the food and we had a barrier of bags and a few other things to stop the sand from going on the food...

after a few hours we moved the party back to mum and stepdad's  house and had a lovely time racing cars on the scalextrics track, the pin ball machines and pool table... (and yes my stepdad is a big kid and my hubby is not far behind)

it was a great end of the year and beginning to a new one

how was your new years eve?

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