Monday, 28 January 2013

Our Teddies

we have wonderful teddies.... they bring all sorts of presents and notes and things 

so first came Ryder

I gave him to my husband on our first anniversary and at the time my hubby just thought he was a teddy until he realised that he brings presents and then he loved them even more

then came Fluffy

after watching despicable me hubby and I thought it was so funny so hubby found a fluffy unicorn for me and technically her name is misteque but we just call her fluffy

then came Mrs Ryder

I didnt want Ryder to get lonely so I got him a gf... so when Mrs Ryder brings presents they're for me 

then came Snuggleupagus

hubby searched high and low to find him because I always ask my hubby to be a snuggleupagus hehe

and our last addition was this christmas just gone

after my hubby went out camping with some friends he came home with the stories about wombats and they were all calling each other wombat so of course hubby had to have one (along with a wombat mug, calender, fridge magnet, stubbie holder, book mark)

so thats all of them.... now you'll understand a bit more when I mention them by name :)

and yes in case you were wondering we are big kids :)

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