Friday, January 18, 2013


I think I'm going to have to apologise because I have fallen victim to the owl craze..... and they are just soooooo cute :P

so I made a ruffle to go around the bottom of the cot ( I know that you probably thinking but she doesnt have any kids... and thats exactly right but my step dad sanded and restained a cot for one of my older step sisters... but she didnt end up needing it and so it stayed at my mum and step dad's house for the kids for when they come to stay... only thing being that the kids are starting to grow up and theres only 1 that would use it when they come down so mum decided to give me and my hubby the cot (maybe its supposed to act as an incentive? I dont know))

so I decided that considering we aren't even trying for a baby I would make it up in all things cute and pink being that pink is my favourite colour (not that you would notice :P) plus I find it much more fun to sew baby girl stuff than baby boys stuff but thats probably because its all cute and frilly and boys stuff isnt as frilly..... so I thought I'd go for the whole owl theme to make it cute and you know make sheets and blankets for it....

so here is the first owl that I made:

I then went on to make an owl cushion

which I was very pleased with especially with the cute  pink fabric....

then I went on to make some more little owls

a big... a medium and a little owl

and I think they are so cute... but then you can probably tell that these are just the front and not the complete owl like the yellow one is... tahts because I thought I had taken photos of them all individually but obviously I didnt and because we have guests staying this weekend I cant really go in and take photos so I'll have to post them later

I used the same colour purple to make a cot sheet set out of it too :D and I'm going to make a quilt with this cute panel that I bought

and the backing is going to be this beautiful material


look at the cute little owls on the panel


I'm just waiting for a few things to come in the mail from america then I'm putting it all together


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