Saturday, 16 February 2013

Hole In One Cake

yesterday was my Mum's birthday and a week ago today was my hubby's birthday... if I hadn't packed up the pantry I would've made something for Mum but at the stage of packing we're at meant that I couldnt make anything for her... if I was going to make her something it would probably be along the lines of red velvet being that red is her favourite colour and I haven't made a red velvet cake before... I know what your thinking... how could she have never made a red velvet cake? well I've had plenty of other recipes to test out (but if you have a good red velvet recipe feel free to share it with the class :P )

for my husband's cake I left out a few ingredients and ended up making a fudge cake with chocolate ganache to ice the cake... most of my fancy utensils have been packed up (and I do have a fair few of them) but I again left a few out to make this cake for my hubby... one of them being an egg ring which I used to cut the hole out of the cake

so this is what it looked like:

to make the golf ball I used the cake that I scooped out for the hole and dipped it in white chocolate...

the green glitter around the edges I bought from a party shop and I liked it because it kind of looked like grass which is what I wanted it to look like...the light green sugar I put on top was because chocolate ganache doesnt really look very golfy

so I put some sugar in a bowl and added a couple of drops of green food colouring and used a fork to mix it through until it was all coloured... then I let it sit for a few hours to dry and then broke up the lumps with a fork before sprinkling it on the cake

the photos are a bit blurry but you get the gist

and I even snuck it to the place we had dinner and got the waitresses to bring it out all without my hubby knowing... the only thing they didnt do was light the candles.. oh well cant have everything go your way I guess

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