Sunday, 17 February 2013


ever since a horrible doctor at work made a few snide remarks at me (well in my general direction) and brought in her first attempt of macarons.. I've wanted to make some of my own.... if only to show that they cant be that hard (seeing that I've never made macarons before)... and its nice to share with my colleagues (as well as a maybe little ha ha shows you to the doctor)

nothing like a little motivation to give me a little cooking challenge.... so I've been busily researching techniques for good macarons and from what I read I shouldnt be too hard as long as the egg whites are whipped properly... when I looked at her (the doctor) macarons (before my research) I said the egg whites needed more whipping... of course I wasnt stupid enough to say it to her I said it to another nurse

I came across a few recipes and I cant wait to get to our new place so I can test out some macaron recipes....
anyone got a good recipe to share???

I'll update you when I give them a try

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