Friday, 8 February 2013


I hate moving... and I've done my fair share of moving (I've moved 6 times in 6 years) so I should know.... originally we were going to be building our house this year but since I got reinspired by nursing and my job moved me  it looks like we're moving again.... my hubby had no plans of moving and I was just going to be commuting up and back every week and staying with my sister... but then a position as a chef came up at the hospital I'm working at... I told my hubby about it and he eventually came around (after a little persuasion :p) and we are moving... in about 2 weeks (that seems closer than I expected)

one things that I realise every time I move is I have a lot of shit... and its a pain in the arse to move so much shit but I just cant bring myself to throw anything away just in case I need it at a later time.... yes yes I'm sure your thinking of that dreaded H word... but I swear I'm not

my hubby however... disagrees :p

oh well I have been throwing a fair amount of stuff out this move... I'm sick of carting stuff that I haven't used in the past few years that I'm happy to part with... if I throw it out thats completely different

oh well I better get back to packing

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