Sunday, 10 February 2013

Note To Self 2

I got some lesions removed just over a week ago... easy yeah.... annoying even more so... being a nurse I said to the dr that I would just take them out myself and I stated clearly I'll take them out after 12-14 days and he said no they can come out after 7-8 days.... I've never taken sutures out that early (you only take them out of the face earlier than 12-14 days)

but being just a lowly nurse and not having been a nurse for very long (2 years) I thought I should listen to the dr and be a good little nurse and take the sutures out as instructed.... I needed a bit of help to get the ones out from under my arm so my Mum played nurses assistant and helped me take the sutures out but the ones in my leg... I took them out

I steri striped the hell out of the one under my arm being more worried that it was going to dehis and have to deal with that again... the one on my leg looked good so I just put an op site on it and went on my way...

I fussed around this afternoon and then this evening I went to sit on the couch and sat down funnily sort of on the leg that had the sutures in...  I've done it a few time while I had the sutures in and it hurt... well I did it again and didnt give it much thought for about 5- 10 minutes

well until I went upstairs and thought I'll just check the dressing to make sure it was okay.. and there was blood on it.... all I thought was f*#k (I wont properly swear because its not lady like but the word did cross my mind) so I undid the top of the op site and saw that it had dehisced and that I needed to go to the emergency room to get it resutured....

my lovely husband (whose been in a cranky mood all day because of his sore feet) offered to drive me to the hospital and was nice enough to stay and watch the tv quietly while I got sutured back up

I make a terrible patient... 100% the worst patient.. but I had a bit of a chuckle with the nurses while getting sutured back up... I'm sure the dr didnt really like me asking what kind of local he was using and me looking to see what kind of suture material and size he was using but being a nurse... I HAVE TO KNOW!!!!

and this is the exact reason why I'm a terrible patient.... I have to know and I have to watch everything thats happening 

luckily he was a very nice dr and he didnt seem too bothered with me asking what kind of local he was using and this time I'm leaving them in for 14 days :P

and I even had my other one looked at and patched back up... I really thought if anything was going to dehis it would have been the one under my arm... so now I have a massive dent in my leg (which the dr promised would go away after the sutures get taken out and a half numb leg...

and with that I'm going to go to bed and hope that it all looks better in the morning

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