Monday, 29 April 2013


it was very sad... one day last week a very dear member of the family passed away... mid potato.....

okay so it wasnt a person but it was my favourite peeler because it had my 2 favourite colours  pink and grey

not just that but it peeled beautifully but it looked nice at the same time

 I didnt cry but I almost did

so I had to buy a new one and this is the one I ended up with 

 it has the fancy juliette side

and I found out just how sharp it was

its not the same but it does the job

Ladybug Slippers

I have to admit I'm a big kid at heart and when I see something.. sometimes I just cant resist.... well I was wandering along shopping the other day and saw these ladybug slippers in kids sizes... and thought to myself if they had a big enough size I'dbuy them for myself...

well guess what they had a bigger size

now I have ladybug slippers :)

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Lemon Lime & Bitters Macarons

so when my friend came over so we could meet her boyfriend along with the checkerboard cake I made some lemon lime & bitters macarons... which were a hit...

my inspiration came from here

I saw it and I had to give it a go....

althought I used my recipe for macarons because well they seem to work for me and just made up the buttercream that I love and mixed in bitters to taste... added a little bit of lemon curd and it worked out soooo well

they tasted so good and were gobbled up pretty quickly

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Checkerboard Cake

I had my friend over for dinner to meet her new boyfriend so I decided to make a cake... and I had seen vertical layered cakes here... (which is also where I found the rose icing thing which I absolutely love) but I decided to take it to the next level and make it more of a checkerboard look...

the cake looked nice as you can see...

but it was a bit on the dry side... and I'm not sure if it was because I cut it too much and put back together

I used the same white cake recipe that I always use... and altered it slightly to make it a chocolate version

I was really disappointed that it ended up not working out...

note to self: don't try anything too experimental for a dinner party unless already pretested 

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Easter Skirt

I ended up having some bunny fabric left over so I thought I would make a cute little easter skirt out of it

I loved the material so much that I bought more fabric :)

Bunny Hat

I was so excited to wear my bunny hat that I had planned to wear it last but ended up wearing it on the tuesday instead....

I started by making a plain white hat... nothing terribly special

then I took a headband with bunny ears on it and chopped the ears off

I did buy the moldable ones so one the inside was some wire which I took out of the ears and wrapped some ribbon around the bottom and hot glued it (so that the wire wouldnt stick into my head)

I then measured carefully on the plain white hat and cut 2 small slits which then were made wider as required....

then I stitched the ears into the holes leaving a gap in the middle to put the wire back in the ears

and of course no bunny ears would be complete without

and this is what it looks like on

not the best picture of me but you get the idea...

and yes if your wondering I did hop down the corridor saying I was a bunny :) and just to clarify I was the carrot eating type not the playboy type.... I did have a few people ask :P

Friday, 19 April 2013

Easter Hats

so for the week before Easter I made some hats for work and I had such a hard time trying to find Easter fabric..... after searching multiple fabric shops and coming up empty I settled with some fabric that was Easter like...

a yellow hat with chicks hatching out of eggs

a pink hat with bunnys

 and a white hat with bunnys

I'll about the bunny hat separately :D

Pink with Brown Spots

another fabric when I came across the ladybug fabric

and again I made a little skirt out of  a fat quarter

but I'll have to upload a picture of it later because I realised that I forgot :P

better late than never... I finally remembered to take a picture and upload it so you could see what it looked like

Ladybug Skirt

I found this cute fabric one day while shopping and thought how cute it was

with a little bit of red tulle I managed to turn it into 

a cute little skirt :)


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Layered Cake

so my sister is a lover of cake as well (especially when she was pregnant :P) so I decided to attempt my first layered cake

vanilla, coffee and chocolate

so I cooked all the cakes in the same tin

the white cake

chocolate cake

coffee cake

the best part is sampling the scraps.... it would be irresponsible for me not to sample it :) :D

I love this cake stand and its great having an excuse to use it

I made a vanilla, coffee and chocolate buttercream

so after freezing them overnight I started with the chocolate layer

the chocolate cake obviously got chocolate buttercream

 then the coffee cake was next

which obvious got coffee buttercream

then the vanilla cake

with vanilla buttercream

next I did the rose pattern with the nossel that I found here
and I made sure the vanilla buttercream roses were on the vanilla cake and same with the coffee and chocolate layers as well

and the inside looked like this:

and I have to admit it was pretty good :)