Saturday, 20 April 2013

Bunny Hat

I was so excited to wear my bunny hat that I had planned to wear it last but ended up wearing it on the tuesday instead....

I started by making a plain white hat... nothing terribly special

then I took a headband with bunny ears on it and chopped the ears off

I did buy the moldable ones so one the inside was some wire which I took out of the ears and wrapped some ribbon around the bottom and hot glued it (so that the wire wouldnt stick into my head)

I then measured carefully on the plain white hat and cut 2 small slits which then were made wider as required....

then I stitched the ears into the holes leaving a gap in the middle to put the wire back in the ears

and of course no bunny ears would be complete without

and this is what it looks like on

not the best picture of me but you get the idea...

and yes if your wondering I did hop down the corridor saying I was a bunny :) and just to clarify I was the carrot eating type not the playboy type.... I did have a few people ask :P

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