Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Elmo and Cookie Monster Cupcakes

I had my sister and nephews over for dinner a little while ago... and of course I had to make my nephews some thing special for dessert... so I decided to make elmo and cookie monster cupcakes

I used the white cake recipe... if I havent put it up yet I will post the link to the recipe... 

of course the cupcakes had to be in red and blue patty pans

then I dyed some vanilla buttercream red and blue and iced the cakes

the same day as I made the cupcakes I made some fondant eyes and noses... using my black icing marker to make the eyes

 then put them altogether and a small amount for the mouths

the boys loved them and the youngest one ended up with blue every where :)

all good aunties love to see their nephews (or nieces not that I have any) enjoying  what they've been given

with all the cakes I make I always make them the day before and freeze them over night... it makes icing them easier and they dont tend to crumble

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