Monday, 15 April 2013

First Attempt Macarons

Now if you read back I'm sure you can see that I had a little motivation into making sure that my macarons would turn out first go... and I'm excited to report that they did.... :D :D :D

and when I stumbled along this website.. I just knew that I would be steered in the right direction.. and I was right...

I very carefully followed every step and used my funky pink scales and I was very surprised that they worked.... my very first batch worked!!!!!

I made strawberry and cream macarons

after piping them
 after coming out of the oven
 strawberry compote
 vanilla buttercream
 assembling the macaron

 my lovely macarons

not 100% perfected just yet but I'm pretty pleased with my first attempt

and they were pretty yum too :D

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