Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Hair Clip Stand

I decided to make a stand from an old photo frame that I had

then I took the glass out of it


 then I had some cream satin (left over from when I made my ring cushion)

and ironed it with my new iron

then I hot glued the 2 sides and bottom of the frame

then using some stuffing

I stuffed the frame.. making it as even as possible

before gluing the top... and it doesnt matter how often I use it I always forget that hot glue guns are hot and always manage to burn myself

the I folded over and glued the back so it looked nice

I measured out some pink ribbon

and glued it on the back

then I made small flowers out of the same ribbon and I'll show you how I made them in another post

and glued them on and put the back and the frame back together

and added a couple of hair clips

not bad if I do say so myself

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