Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Layered Cake

so my sister is a lover of cake as well (especially when she was pregnant :P) so I decided to attempt my first layered cake

vanilla, coffee and chocolate

so I cooked all the cakes in the same tin

the white cake

chocolate cake

coffee cake

the best part is sampling the scraps.... it would be irresponsible for me not to sample it :) :D

I love this cake stand and its great having an excuse to use it

I made a vanilla, coffee and chocolate buttercream

so after freezing them overnight I started with the chocolate layer

the chocolate cake obviously got chocolate buttercream

 then the coffee cake was next

which obvious got coffee buttercream

then the vanilla cake

with vanilla buttercream

next I did the rose pattern with the nossel that I found here
and I made sure the vanilla buttercream roses were on the vanilla cake and same with the coffee and chocolate layers as well

and the inside looked like this:

and I have to admit it was pretty good :)

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