Wednesday, 17 April 2013

New Pink Dress

I had a brand new formal dress that I bought about 6 years ago.... and I've never worn it... in fact I cut the tags off just before I started cutting it up

at the time I thought it was quite nice but then I did ever wear it and now there is no chance of it fitting me

the bottom of the dress had sort of a double layer

so I thought I may as well use it

first I cut out the dress pattern... one of each fabric

and I stitched around the edges leaving the bottom open so I could turn it

then I trimmed it and turned it in the right way

then I stitched the front and back down the sides

then I added some cute heart shaped buttons

and made the button hole on the other strap

and this is the end result

I have to admit after I took this photo I did add a light pink sash around the waist

but I was pretty impressed with the end result....

I started with a formal dress and ended with a baby's formal dress 

(p.s. I'm not clucky I promise :P)


I caved and decided to take a picture with the sash and matching headband that I ended up making

I think its very sweet (and still not clucky :P)

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