Friday, 31 May 2013

Its So Cute and Fluffy

I found these in the kids sections at a $2 shop and had to get them... I thought they looked cute and got one in white, one in pink and one in purple

at this point I have plans for the white one....

but the others I'll have to wait and see what I decide on

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Pre Baby Diet

so I've decided to lose some weight and when I decided to exercise months earlier in order to loose weight I was hoping to do it without having to change my diet... but I've finally decided that diet has to change.... well so far I'm down 3 kgs and one of the girls at work noticed today :D it makes me feel like its starting to happen :D yay!!! 

17kgs to go!!!!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Sweet Top

I decided to make a top to match the pants I made earlier

isnt it sweet :) just waiting on the ice cream button for the pants

Ladybug Skirt Plus Pants

I decided that the ladybug skirt was too short on its on so I decided to add some pants

much better now :)

plus I used part of an old top to make the pants so yay for recycling

Op Shopping Take 2

So because I didnt get enough the first trip to the op shop I went to another shop and came across a hole bunch more baby stuff

love to shop for my invisible baby as my husband calls it... 

my father in law came down for a visit and asked if I was hiding a baby somewhere because more baby stuff had materialised and my reply was simple.... no baby just getting ready for one :P hehe

Op Shopping

I'm going to do a few projects with baby onesies... the trouble being that they can be a bit on the pricey side and I still didnt find what I was looking for so I decided to try some op shops and see what I could find

I ended up with quite a haul

I couldnt believe this cute little christmas outfit has the tags still on

had to get a close up of the bee

I will post more on what I have done with each little top or onesie (as I do it)

Man Flu

my husband has been hit with the man flu again and it make sure that he doesnt try to accidently overdose (because he doesnt read the packet) I set everything out for him to take during the day

its fool proof... I should probably put some in the cupboard like that for him to make life easier


saw this fabric in Big W when I was shopping I came across this fat quarter in the haberdashery section

my first thoughts were that it looked like the trees off the lorax

it was only when I got it home and saw on the edge that it said it was part of the lorax collection

I also found

love it

New Shoes

my white shoes are looking a little worn now and I think thats probably to do with me wearing them at every chance I've had

so I decided to buy some new ones

saw theses and thought they were cute

the only difference is these ones need to be worn in were as my white ones were comfortable from the moment I bought them... probably because they are different fabric but still

Sunday, 19 May 2013

Junk Mail

Some people love it some people hate it... I love it

I see those little signs on mail boxes saying no junk mail and think what a pity they're missing out... I love to flick through a catalogue or 2.. for me its like window shopping from my couch

most of the time theres things that I would never buy in them but I still love to look

love them or hate them???

Dress Fit For a Wedding

My dad is getting married in October and I decided that I would make a dress to wear to his wedding... I decided to start early in case I didnt like it and had to start again

so the binding is part of the top of the dress

this is a sideways picture of the belt (but you get the idea)

 the skirt

 black organza rose

 attatched to the top of the dress with a grey pearl in the centre

I still ahve a fair amount to do.. well mainly the beading and detail on the dress but so far I'm pretty happy with how its turned out

I'll post more later of a full picture of the dress and more detail that I've added