Saturday, 11 May 2013

Banana in Pyjamas Cake

So for my nephews birthday (who is turning 2) so bananas in pyjamas is the theme 


these are the stalks (like before)

big stalk

lots of stalks

bananas in pyjamas cupcake wrapper

 banana eye

 both eyes

 bowl for banana shape


 pyjamas icing

 pyjamas icing

 banana cake and cupcakes entry into cake competition

 another one of the cakes altogether

 the banana cupcake

 banana cupcake from the side

 the birthday boy's name

 how old the birthday boy is (and well kind of like B2 :P)

 the cake :) (I'm so impressed at how good it turned out)

 the second photo that I sent in for the cake competition

 different angle

 the cake all wrapped up

I'm so excited at how fanatastic they look :)

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