Friday, 17 May 2013

Funny Tidbit

so I've started a new diet... no I'm not going to use the "D" word lets go with lifestyle change were I'm trying to cut out alot of the sugar that I normally would eat... for me a meal isnt finished unless I've had sweets... it just doesnt feel finished to me... so I used to make all sorts of things (cakes, crumbles, biscuits you name it) for dessert and although hubbys not much of a sweets person he's become accustom to my nightly routine... I'll admit it wasnt every night but most nights...

well now that I've changed my eating habbits all those sorts of things are out instead fruit and yogurt is pretty much all thats on the table.... this was an unexpected change for hubby and he has tried it on asking for more elaborate sweets than fruit and yogurt which has been met with nothing :P..... he even looked through the cupboards after I had been shopping and then asked what kind of lollies I bought... when I said none he was a bit surprised and confessed that he had been tempted to eat some cooking chocolate but hadnt.... 

hes finally accepted the new dessert regime and I made fruit and yogurt the other night for dessert the fruit being banana and blueberries... the bananas didnt look quite rip but I was feeling like banana so I cut it up anyway.... first thing out of hubby's mouth was "the bananas are raw"

hehe the chef in him comes out without him even realising :P

I love it!!!!

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