Sunday, May 12, 2013

Monsuno Birthday Cake

I have absolutely no idea what monsuno is... if your interested heres a link to whatever they are... all I know is what my 5 year old nephew tells me... they fight... they come out of this little canister looking thing and fight...

well anyways this is what the cakes ended looking like

cupcake wrappers
cupcake topper

 cupcake topper

 cupcake topper

 cupcake topper

cupcake toppers


cupcake topper


 cake topper

 my inspiration

 added some extra detail

 cupcake topper

 cupcake topper

monsuno cupcake

the cake and cupcakes together

 birthday boys name

 I ended up taking the happy birthday off the side and sticking it to the board like the banana cake

 wrapping the cake up

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