Monday, 6 May 2013

Nephew's Birthdays :D

so my sister has 2 boys born 3 years and 1 week apart so she celebrates their birthday on the weekend between their birthdays... and this year is no different... the only difference being that this year because the older on is turning 5 its going to be the first year they've had a kids party and invited friends (which I think is really cute)..

so they're going to have a McDonald's party with the kids then we will have a family gathering later that night and my sister asked me to come and help with the kids party as well as make some cakes for the kids...

so for the kids party I'm making cupcakes half bananas in pyjamas (for the 2 year old) and the other half monsuno (for the 5 year old)....

for the family gathering I'm making a banana in pyjamas and a monsuno cake

as you call see theres a bit of a theme going there

so I baked the cakes yesterday with the usual white cake (I make it because it tastes good and why mess with what works) and put them in the freezer to ice later in the week

for the banana head I used

 so I could get the right shape without having to cut it to get the desired shape I wanted

for the monsuno cake I just used my usual cake tin....

the cupcake wrappers are:

when I bought these monsunos hadnt really been decided on but hes favourite colour is red which I knew I'd be safe with

so I've made some decorations for the cakes

 the bananas in pyjamas stalks look like this

these ones for the cupcakes

and the big one is for the cake

now monsunos are a bit trickier

I ended up settling on a flat image rather than a 3d image of a monsuno

so then I took ages putting together my version

then I added a few black lines

and I have to admit that I was pretty impressed with the end results... actually considering how long it took me it better look good because I'll be pissed off otherwise

so then I went on and played with the cupcake monsuno toppers

at first I was going to make them look like this

and started out writing onthe disks

then tried to add some icing with glitter to make it look like the batte thing... but in the end I decided it looked stupid

so I went back to the disk and made a few cuts

then made a slightly smaller white disk and made a few cuts

then attatched them together

and now I'm in 2 minds as to how to finish them off.... I was tempted to draw a letter S for the birthday boys name..  but I'm not sure

so while I ponder what to do with the monsuno cupcakes I moved on and made the eyes for the banana

the only thing I need to`do is the smile for the banana and colour some fondant yellow and cut strips of white and blue to make pyjamas.... and cut out some letters

the cakes are freezing nicely in the freezer and I just need to make up some buttercream and put everything together :) but just have to wait a few more days before I do it

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