Friday, 28 June 2013

Pink Knitting Needles

I had to buy pink knitting needles... couldnt help myself :) I saw them and had to have them

and the wool my SIL used to knit me a scarf I used the same wool but knitted normally

the knitting moster has got me addicted

Mr and Mrs Pillowcases

we went to visit my MIL on the weekend and I loved the pillowcases that she had on the bed..

and I loved even more that she put them on the sides that we sleep hehe

when I was packing up to go home we were talking about them and how pretty they are and she pulled them off the pillows and gave them to me to take home....

I promise I didnt just steal them.. she insisted 

and I love them :)

Pink Shoes

I found out that these shoes were on special $7 a pair... and I bought a white pair before and they were so comfortable from the moment I put them on

so of course I decided to buy 3 pairs... I was planning on a white pair, a black pair and a pink pair to wear to the christening...

I got there and there were only pink ones in my size so I decided just to get all pink

when I got to the counter the lady commented on how kids love this colour and I said with a very straight face that I was buying them for myself... she looked a little uncomfortable but very quickly stopped making small talk...

never make assumptions about me because deep down I'm a big kid :P

New Hats

while wandering the aisles at spotlight I came across some fabric that I couldnt resist and I thought it would be perfect for some new hats

 I also had this fabric that I had bought as a fat quarter that I hadnt done anything with yet but loved anyway

I thought they turned out very well

and then the next day after I had made them I wore my gumboots hat and it was raining (which got a little bit of a chuckle out of me)

Knitting and Spinning Books

as a thank you for driving my grandparents back from the christening on Sunday Grandma gave me these books...

this first one is a brochure on how to knit... very nifty little thing I have to admit

 and then she got me this book on knitting

 and a book on spinning and dyeing wool

shes is always so clever and finds the most amazing books (well she is a book lover)

I cant wait to tuck in a read all about knitting and spinning :)


so I officially love Lace Heaven... it had so manydifferent types of lace that I just about went to town

so this is what I ordered:


red (looks pink but actually red):



then they had a deal that if you spent more than $40 you could get 25 yards of lace for free... so I did and this is the lace I got for free

I also got some bows

and I got some hair accessories