Friday, June 14, 2013

My Hep A Cake :P

I found this really yummy cake recipe that uses yogurt... and I love yogurt... it calls for berries to be used in the top of the cake... well at work one of the doctors was telling us about the costco mixed berries in europe that may have been linked to causing hep a in people that bought them... 

well I talked to hubby and decided after looking at the costco recall website for australia and reading the articles about the berries that had been recalled we decided not to throw out the berries

well the next night we went over to my sisters house for dinner and I always take something sweet for us to have for dessert and there usually is left overs for my sister to enjoy after we've gone

so of course we got to talking at dinner and had a little bit of a giggle at my hep a cake 

(just in case you think I'm heartless... I'm not.. being a nurse I take it all very seriously but that also means I have a bit of a twisted sense of humour so if you get offended I'm terribly sorry but no offense was meant)

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