Monday, 3 June 2013

Shopping for the Apocalypse

we do our grocery shopping monthly and shop at a combination of costco, aldi and coles... people would probablt think I was a bit mad going to 3 different shops to shop for groceries but it helps us save money and also eat well...I had a bit of a chuckle after I had packed up the boot full of groceries and still had more on the back seat....

not packed in the best but it did the job

after I pulled it all out this is what it looked like in the kitchen

but when you see what our cupboard and fruit bowls looked like before I unpacked

and afterwards

I'm pretty pleased with my shopping trip... no junk food at all... but it did take me the better part of 2 hours to portion everything.... yes I'm one of those weird people that pre packs everything from lettuce in individual ziplock bags to meat and frozen berries and even individual portion sized ziplock bags of almonds...

 and yes I do weigh things which is probably why it takes me so long... but I maintain that it saves me time during the rest of the month.... to grab just a portion of meat out of the freezer which I know will be enough for the 2 of us makes it easy or even just a a bag of frozen berries which is enough for dessert....

I cant be the only one who does this... if your brave enough share your wonderfully weird ways :)

I promise no judging :)

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